Interview with Viva Burlesque
 Hamburg | Germany
Crowversation with Rebecca Crow 
Wednesday 10th June 2020 | Podcast
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"Seriously fucking fierce. Stompy and beautiful.
I nearly shed a hot tear of joy when she dropped into the splits " 
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The Cocktail Hour with Stage Door Johnny
Sunday 24th January 2020
Sutton Park Radio 
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That's Burlesque Podcast 
Monday 1st February 2020
Youtube | Podcast
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Stuttgart Burlesque Festival 2019
Photo Credit: Shoikans Photography  
"Cleopantha has the magic ability to establish a link with the crowd immediately the moment she steps on stage. Her capability to freestyle in a superb manner and act spontaneously accodording to the situation and the setting made her to become one of the main highlights of my last events in Germany."


Elmar Jäger, 

Promoter Stuttgart Burlesque Festival & Sanctuary Party

I had been aware of Cleopantha's performance art and presence since 2016.


Cleopantha delivered a strong and immersive performance that captivated and consumed all those in attendance. Her double act with Purrsia Kitt remains one of the best and most innovative I have ever seen. It delivers a sense of empowerment and a demand for attention, which I believe to truly echo Cleopantha's style and brand. 


Professionally, Cleopantha is an incredibly talented performer, dancer and teacher. Personally, I consider her a credit to the industry.  She boasts unrivalled professionalism, relatability and a true, humble nature. In my ten years of producing performance art events, I have yet to see anyone captivate a room in the way Cleopantha is able. 


I would not hesitate to recommend booking Cleopantha for any event. She delivers strength and intensity in all she does. The results of which are truly magnetic and encourage a restless excitement amongst crowds. 


It's for this reason, and many others, I consider her the best performer in the London circuit at this time. I cannot wait to work with her again. 



Photo Credit: Veronika Marx   
"Every show Cleo turns up early, with a smile and a warm welcome to other performers. She has performed for I Need to Cher twice now and both times had the audience out of their seats. She works hard, communicates well and she's hilarious to boot. If there were more Cleopanthas in the world it would be a kinder and more fabulous place."
"Being a compere and host, I’ve seen and introduced my fair share of burlesque over the years. It’s an art form I truly love, and have become so accustomed to. However, Cleopantha made me sit up straight for the first time in a LONG TIME when I saw her. I first saw her at the The Black Burlesque Review, as part of The Cocoa Butter Club. Her Jessica Rabbit routine began, I was enjoying such a stunning looking human being, I was just getting comfortable, When things really kicked off. She came alive. My jaw dropped, I was on my feet screaming for the best part of five minutes. I was enraptured by the whole thing. I couldn’t handle how much she had turned modern burlesque on its head. Unapologetic, striking and damn sexual. This woman is a powerhouse of a human being. 
Off the stage, she radiates kindness and has such a sweet infectious energy that is just a pleasure to be around. I would sell my crown to have her in any show with me. And you should too.


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Photo Credit: Veronika Marx Photography.

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